Well, salutations : D

I would say that I should tell you a little something about myself, if there wasn’t already a profile to do it for me. Also, I’m a strong believer in getting to know someone YOURSELF – i.e., making your own list of traits and impressions about them. I’m not going to sit here and tell you what you should think of me, I find it an odd sort of narcissism.

Now that that’s out of the way..
As my debut blog post, I do believe that it’s a good idea to address the following inquiries:

1. Why did you make a blog? Do you have too much free time?
2. Why do you think the general public should spend their precious life even THINKING about something some random internet person says? What makes you so special, you conceited, nasty hoe?
3. Do you think you’re funny? Huh? Do ya?
4. What exactly will you be wasting my time (and yours) with here?

Well, okay. Here goes.

1. I…honestly cannot answer that question. I guess because I have so many thoughts flinging themselves at the sides of my skull, just crying out to be acknowledged, that I cannot just outright say in an every day setting. For example, when Mr. Math (characters in my life will be referred to by nicknames made up on the spot; teachers, by the subject they, of course, teach) asks me some sort of grossly arithmetic-infested question, I cannot point out that instead of focusing on him, I have instead been wondering who sat down and said, “you know? I think I’m going to invent a pointless-yet-incredibly-infuriating, colorful cube composed of smaller cubes just to confuse the entirety of the populations of the WORLD.” I mean, it sort of pertains to math…but anyway, what I’m getting at here is, I needed an outlet for my ramblings. Here it is. We’ll see where it goes.

2. This question kind of sort of mostly pretty much 100% makes me a hypocrite. Because every time I see some random twelve-year-old with a vlog on youtube, the same thought pops into my head without fail: “what exactly made this kid think that ANYONE on the planet gives a frolicking, winged, cake-eating CRAP what they think about ANYTHING?”
I honestly don’t care that “Sarah with an H” from “super sunny Cali winky face” is totally in love with the obviously deep and incredibly thought-provoking Justin Bieber, but “wasn’t a super huge fan sad face” of Bruno Mars’ newest single.
Why should I waste my time stressing over what someone else thinks? Well, I shouldn’t. I guess if it’s amusing, it’s not a problem. If you enjoy reading/watching/listening, then okay. I can testify that I have willingly watched and enjoyed some opinions of others (Brotherhood 2.0, anyone? look it up.) I’m not conceited…as aforementioned, this is an outlet for me first and foremost…but if, by some unicorn-magic miracle, if someone out there finds my words remotely interesting, by all means, read my comma-splice infested posts. I really would appreciate it, all jokes aside.

3. Well…not particularly. I do think I have my slightly witty moments but they are by no means rampant nor legendary…but if you think I am, you’re my best friend. : D

4. Hmm. What will I be covering in this thinger? Just…any thoughts that pop into my head, really, but I think I want to try and give every post some kind of “theme.” The first few will most likely be on something slightly pertaining to myself (pet peeves, music, movies, etc) or what I like, just for you to get a feel for what exactly you’re dealing with here. But they’ll be generalized discussion as well…to keep everyone involved. Haha, I like how I’m assuming people will read this. Anyway.

I do think this is long enough for a first post…boring, perhaps. But something I WILL be doing every post, or maybe only once a week, I haven’t decided: leaving you with a song and/or band that you should MOST DEFINITELY CHECK OUT. It’s the appropriate way to end things, I do feel. So, our first post’s song of choice is….(it’s a link, click it!)

Florence and the Machine – Swimming

Just…a great song. Gotta love Florence. and with that…

Stay classy, everyone : D