My goodness.

I have certainly let myself go, hmm? Sigh.
So much for a new post every single day; I most definitely let the beginning of the holiday season get the best of me, I must admit. I see my extended family much more often than many could say…many would also say that is indeed a blessing, and I do agree. But it doesn’t leave much room for anything else!
We’re in the midst of planning a wedding :] The first to come out of four (assuming all of the cousins that I’m speaking of get married); I have four male first cousins from my mother’s sister. It’s going to certainly be interesting to meet all of the girls as they come along and are embraced into the family…the first is a one Kristin, and she is a gem. : D But she lives in Colorado, so we all have to fly out for the wedding this summer. She came down for Thanksgiving with us, and we all watched the Hogs defeat LSU…yessiree bob. Sugar Bowl. Woo!

We don’t play.

After the short Thanksgiving holiday, I of course returned to school…the entirety of last year and all of this year up until now were filled with the ridiculously distracting (but soon ignored) sounds of cranes and scraping metal and all sorts of anti-learning sounds. (Note: Last year, I recall sitting in my first block AP English, taking the dual Hamlet/Kate Chopin test that melted my brain, and hearing an awful, screeching sound from outside. Instead of jumping to the logical, “oh, it must just be metal or heavy machinery” conclusion, I instantly had to refrain from saying, “Alright. Who has the ring? The wraiths are looking for you.” …Is that bad?) I totally digress…upon our return to school, the entire student body had to move half of the school from one building to another. The new building is beautiful….but obnoxiously large. I believe the construction workers said that if we made the circle going up the stairs, down the hall, down the stairs on the other side, and back to our starting point, that we would have walked a quarter of a mile; that’s huge for us small-town kids. It was definitely a sight: faculty and student body alike, all carrying books and chairs and desks and posters and the like around a whole campus. We were all collectively sore the next day.

Besides all of that fun, I randomly decided I was going to make a new Disney princess the other day; and let me tell you, it is not a feat to be scoffed at. It is a WHOLE lot harder than it sounds. I started drawing with only the certainties that I wanted her to be different from the others (of course) – blunt; kind of permanently cranky, but in a funny way; she’d have tunnel vision when her mind is set on something. I also knew that, without a doubt, she would NOT. SING. I know, I know, it’s a crime. But I thought there could be a running joke throughout the movie…like, everyone would try to get her to sing, and everyone around her would sing, but she would just keep yelling, “I DON’T SING!!” And then at the end, she’d finally try, and she’d suck. But Disney probably wouldn’t like that.
The physical features just came out like this; my grandmother insisted it was a self-portrait, but similarity to myself is completely coincidental. Promise.

I posted her (she still doesn’t have a name) to Facebook, and received lots more feedback than initially anticipated – I was given lots of nice ideas, but also, illuminated to the grating fact that there is indeed a Disney princess that is strikingly similar to my own: Eilonwy, from that movie that NO ONE EVER SAW, “The Black Cauldron.” I was irritated to say the least. Others claimed in defense of my princess that, while the physical features were close and the personalities reminiscent of each other, mine was older and slightly different; more mature. In the end, I decided I’d just keep her the way she was, and if Disney ever wanted her and an issue arose, they could change her haircolor. Whatever.

Upon further pouring over the sketch (it took me three freakin’ hours to perfect that coloring, btw. I had freehanded it in my sketchbook, but it looked awful, so I reworked the colors on my PC.), and examining the ethnicities of all of the other Disney princesses, we all decided that she was closest to being Swedish. I figured that’d be a fun culture to animate, and it hasn’t been done before, to my knowledge. Please, nobody burst that bubble for me. Anyway.

Being Swedish, I, with the help of the girls I sit with at lunch, sketched out my princess’s animal companion. Because every princess has one. We settled on a nauseatingly adorable arctic/polar/white fox, since they are rare, but can be found, in Sweden. And the only other fox we could recall in any Disney production was paired with a hound. My fox wouldn’t talk, so we didn’t think it’d be an issue.
I worked so hard on this. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to draw a halfway-decent looking fox. And even HARDER to make it semi-cute:

That’s about as far as I/we have gotten with that. There is a male involved (of course), I guess he’ll have to be a prince; the vague shadow of his form I have in my head is that he’s super fine (that’s a requirement too) and coveted by all of the local girls, but is completely oblivious to that fact and is actually a total, complete, undeniable, adorable nerd. Or something like that. I have no idea. Suggestions are DEFINITELY welcome…because you’ll probably be hearing more about this whole ordeal. It’s gotten quite out of hand, actually. Haha!

So that’s what I’ve been up to while I haven’t been posting; and now we’re a week into December and the time has just gotten so far away from me. I do apologize. Yesterday I attended a scholarship competition day for my college of choice :] I’m super nervous; I had to write an essay on the spot, do a faculty interview…and they look at my ACT, my extra-curriculars, community involvement…good thing is, I get $6500 just for showing up. Now I need about 22.5k more….eek. Should get my offer by Friday.

I suppose that’s my personal update for all of you…I’m sorry if that was just bone-dry. Ha! :]
For some unknown reason I’ve been listening to lots of sad songs lately…if you want to join/discuss, here’s a list of songs that I honestly cannot give my full attention to, lest I break down into sobs. And just a few that evoke a lot of emotion in me. Oh, being a girl. Sigh. ;]

Evanescence – Good Enough —–> the kicker: the warmth and rising emotion of the song. to me. gets me every time. “it’s been such a long time coming, but I feel good….am I good enough for you to love me too?”
Journey – Faithfully —–> the kicker: the heart-wrenching devotion and yearning. not hard. lol. But there’s something about the simplicity, but sheer power, of these words that is so striking to me. I ball like a baby. “I’m forever yours, faithfully.”
Dierks Bentley – Long Trip Alone —–> the kicker: mm…I get such a sense of humbling loss from this song…and even more powerful that that, the fact that despite this loss, I feel like the speaker still hasn’t given up yet. This song I can’t really explain…but I definitely cried the first time I heard it. It gets to me more so than the others. This line, though the entire song is beautiful, hits me: “And maybe you could walk with me awhile, and maybe I could rest beneath your smile; Everybody stumbles sometimes, and needs a hand to hold, ’cause it’s a long trip alone.”
Just the concept of someone’s smile alone being enough to restore and heal…but the SUPER kicker is here:
“And I don’t know where I’d be without you here, ’cause I’m not really me without you there.”
A.R. Rahman – Latika\’s Theme (Slumdog Millionaire) —–> honestly. if contentment was converted into soundwaves, this would be it, I believe. The simplicity and sweet melodic quality are stunning. There aren’t even any words (well, not in this version) and that only adds. (The movie is a total WIN as well, if you haven’t seen it : D)
Gary Allen – Life Ain\’t Always Beautiful —–> the kicker: this song is amazing anyway, but listen to it in context; Gary’s wife passed away. That’s all you need to know. “Life ain’t always beautiful; some days I miss your smile. I get tired of walking all these lonely miles. And I wish for just one minute, I could see your pretty face. Well, I can dream, but life don’t work that way.”
He’s got such a sincere quality about his voice and his words…hmm.
Lifehouse – You and Me
—–> the kicker: again, the warm quality of this song makes me so happy inside; and just the thought of seeing and knowing someone that can stop time for you; that you literally, cannot take your eyes off of. Someone that captivates you so much…but at the same time that you’re so dazzled, they also make you so acutely aware of everything around you, because your senses are so heightened…I think it’s such a beautiful concept. “Something about you now, I can’t quite figure out; everything she does is beautiful, everything she does is right. ‘Cause it’s you and me, and all of the people, with nothing to do, nothing to lose. And it’s you and me, and all of the people, and I don’t know why, I can’t keep my eyes off of you.”

Don’t make fun of me because I’m an emotional female. : P
There will definitely be more to come!! I hope you enjoy…this is going to be one HUGE wall of my my…. ❤