Another big white box where I’m expected to fill in stuff about myself? Sigh. Fine.

A few random facts;

I live in Arkansas. (Southern United States)

I play soccer.

I adore writing and singing and sketching; I’ll probably post a doodle here and there.

This blog will mostly be rants and thoughts that would drive me absolutely psycho if I kept them all stuffed away in the corners of my mind.

I’m a young woman in the middle of her search for the perfect institution of higher learning and just…well, trying to finish senior year with a bang. : D

I love many different kinds of music; some of my favorite artists are: Any classic rock; The Beatles; Evanescence; Mumford and Sons; Florence and the Machine; The Decemberists

Please leave a comment if you wish to know something specific. I want this to be a serious blog…but I’m very new to this concept of expressing thoughts and emotions. So if you’ll stick with me, I’m sure we can find something wonderful together!

Any suggestions are welcome. :]